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[caption id="attachment_33" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Fastest RC Boat"]Fastest RC Boat[/caption] There are many different types and classes of race boats available on the market today. These are mainly organized in terms of their engine type - whether electric, nitro, flash steam or gas; and hull type � which may be mono, hydro, cat, outrigger and eco. Classes may also be divided by battery type and count. If you enjoy high speed, you will have fun with a really fast RC boat. RC power boats are generally the fastest RC boats available. The world�s fastest RC boat is a gas powered C-1 boat which is able to achieve speeds of up to 200 mph. This boat is powered by a water cooled engine from Kyosho, which is a unique inboard/ out-drive unit that easily propels this s-stepped tunnel type catamaran. This engine was designed in conjunction with Lamborghini who are known for powerful engines which are used in full sized boat racing. At full throttle, this boat is able to achieve acceleration instantly and even surge out of the water. The movement of the boat across the surface of the water is almost similar to that of real boats. However, its design and outdrive steering setup enable the catamaran to retain its amazing stability even when it makes a sharp turn. Racing boat enthusiasts will enjoy the great results achieved with this boat in terms of stability and enhanced planing. The engine is fitted with a recoil starter and its turning performance and drive efficiency enable the catamaran to avoid capsizing. The boat also features reverse flow on the drainpipe which utilizes pressure at the back of the hull for the automatic drainage of water from the hull. The hull�s internal floatation structure also makes it difficult to sink. The rubber mounted engine also helps in controlling the boat�s noise levels, while the one-piece turn and vertical fin and flaps help to prevent any spinouts. Colin Nelsen loves playing with RC toys, having grown up with them. His favorite ones are the fastest RC boats - of which he has over 10 different models, and he enjoys meeting other people who share his passion for RC.

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