Tips for those exploring the World of RC Boats

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="High Wind Electric Speed Boat RTR"][/caption] The RC boats have captured the imagination of people young and old. If you are not yet one of these people, then you might wonder how it has such a large and enthusiastic following. The best way to discover the answer to this question is to go out and try it for yourself. Before making a purchase, there are a lot of factors to consider such as how much you are willing to spend, how you plan to put a boat together and whether you are going to purchase a kit or a ready to run boat. Another factor to consider is if you have a location to drive the boat. Perhaps you have a backyard pool or have a pond or a lake nearby. And if you already have a good location in mind, then you are already off to a good start. Once you have committed yourself to the purchase, you should determine the type of boat you would like to buy. One of the ways boats are categorized is by the power source. There are three categories, electric, gas and nitro, each with its positives and drawbacks The first and most affordable kind of RC boat is the electric type powered by batteries. While they may not be as powerful and fast as their gas and nitro counterparts, but they offer loads of fun for a reasonable cost making them a logical choice for beginners. If you are ready to really commit to the hobby and want a high performing, investment piece, a nitro-powered boat would be the way to go. It is the choice of hobbyist and those who generally have more experience with RC boat models because they are more powerful than electric kind as they run on a blend of methane and nitrogen fuel. This kind of fuel is the most expensive you will find for RC boats and´┐Ż as such are suitable for competitions since they provide easy and fast refueling. Lastly, the gas-powered RC boats are considered to be the most powerful and fastest.. The gas used is not like the one used to fuel your car but a mixture of oil and gasoline. Because of their optimum performance, they also have a higher price tag than the electric powered boats, but while they are more expensive initially, gas is cheaper than nitro fuel, making it less expensive in the long run. Gas engines are larger than nitro or electric engines, making it more suited for ponds or lakes rather than smaller bodies of water, not suited to say, cruising around your bathtub. Additionally, these models can be quite loud so you have to make check to see whether your boat will be permitted in a particular area because they are sometimes prohibited due to the noise they cause. Propellers and Drive Systems A lot of entry-level RC boats utilize direct drive system which has a submerged propeller. This particular type of system is convenient to run because of the minimal cavitation concerns involved. Since the whole propeller is underwater together with its drive shaft, as a result, there is an increased drag resulting in slower speed. Surface-drive systems function with half of its propeller underwater which gives way for pitch choices and larger diameter resulting in lesser water resistance. These specific systems often incorporate flexible-drive systems which needs periodic lubrication. For optimum performance of the RC boat, propellers need to be constantly sharpened and balanced. Tommy Fisher loves playing with RC boat models. Since a very young age, he's always been excited with RC toys and his RC boat models. He loves meeting people who also share the same love for remote control toys.    

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