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RC Kit Cutting/Packaging Service!

Do you have a great kit idea? Do you currently have kits on the market? Great! We want to be your fastest and least expensive source for getting your products to market. We now offer several options for in-house kit manufacture. You can to choose among basic cutting services, vinyl decals, custom manufacture of balsa/plywood/carbon fiber accessories and complete turn-key manufacture/packaging. Because we offer all the products you could need to assemble your kits at terrific prices, the added cost of shipping from many sources will go away!

All the options you could possibly need - we can accommodate any size order no matter how large or small. If you simply need foam cut, we can do that. If you want a finished kit that is bagged/boxed with accessories (carbon wheels, props, batteries/motors, etc), instructions (printed or on a CD), we can do that too.

Raw materials: Because RCFoam is able to source your raw materials for you at wholesale rates (to qualified members), you can save a bundle on the materials. You also save the added cost by not shipping from multiple sources to get your kit together.

Materials available and in-stock:

- XPS Foam: Depron, Gediplac, Cellfoam88, Dow Bluecor, Gatorblank & Selitac, various thicknesses

- EPP Foam: 1.9#, 1.3#, 1.0#, various thicknesses

- Carbon Fiber: Rod, Tube, Strip & Plate, various sizes/lengths

- Wood: Balsa, Basswood, Birch Plywood

Other Accessories:

- Du-Bro Products, a full line of electric model parts

- Powered Accessories: Batteries, Motors, ESC's and more, if you spec something different - we'll get it.

Equipment: We have a professional CNC router that runs with 3D CAD/CAM software�that can handle up to a 49" x 97" sheet, up to 6" thick. We can cut in 2D relief.


Contact us to find out more details including pricing!

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