RCFoam is Moving to Colorado!

On March 14 2011, RCFoam will move from Forest Park, Georgia to Colorado Springs, Colorado. RCFoam will still be available for many years to come to serve all your RC hobby needs! We're just changing the location of our shipping warehouse, and we don't anticipate any interruption in service what so ever.

Why move?

  • Colorado is more centrally located, which will decrease the shipping time for the majority of our customers.
  • Although we went through great effort to maintain an attractive local store, less than 5 percent of our customers picked up locally in Georgia, and we were losing money maintaining the storefront.
  • RCFoam needs more space to grow. The warehouse we're moving into is twice as big, with an expansion planned in 2011 to make it ten times as big!

How does this affect RCFoam customers?

  • If you were among the 95+ percent of our customers who placed your order through our website, you'll see significantly improved service as part of this move. We are going to expand our telephone hours, keep more accurate inventory, expand our product line, and decrease the average amount of time it takes us to ship an order from 2.5 days to 0.5 days. We are moving the week of March 15-18, however, we still plan to ship all orders before the week is over.
  • If you were a local customer, then it means you can still place orders through our website www.rcfoam.com, which we will ship promptly to your home or business. However, you won't be able to pick up your order in Forest Park anymore.

Where should I ship my return, correspondence, or mail order?

  • We'll take special effort to make sure nothing gets lost or returned to sender, so you can pretty much use either address and we'll get it. Before March 10 2011, you should mail to: 5651 Old Dixie Rd, Suite 103 Forest Park, GA 30297. After March 10 2011, you should mail to: 6035 Terminal Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80915.

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